DJ Aden - Rocking any occasion!
Whether its mixing for the hip-hop conscious, getting the dance floor moving with today’s Top 40 or engineering clever mashups there isn’t any venue or crowd that has come away dissatisfied after DJ Aden has stepped behind the ones and twos. His experience, immense versatility and dynamic stage presence make him the perfect addition to any event.
The reformed punk rock drummer turned turntablist has been blending genres and perfecting his craft since ’98. With influences ranging from Z-Trip to DJ Jazzy Jeff – DJ Aden has a sound all his own and can piece together any set for any occasion.
If you’re sick of the same old DJs who fiddle around with an iPod all night or tired of the ones who go on autopilot after an hour look no further than the DJ who treats each outing as an opportunity to deliver a hip swaying, dance inducing audio assault that will keep the party going long after the music has stopped.
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